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Maiky is your AI compliance helper, ready to help you in your compliance strategy. He is able to help you in multiple areas like data protection, contracts, risks, suppliers and much much more. Our platform is focused on providing the tools you need, when you need them. If you are a small company of 5 people or a global enterprise, have a look at our platform and see how it can grow to fit your program.

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image How does Maiky work?

The Maiky platform gives you all the tools you need to build and mature your GRC program. Either through using our packages or by customization, Maiky can be made to fit your needs. We adapt to your way of working, not the other way around.

Looking for more information on how it works? Get in touch with us. We would be more than love to show you how the Maiky platform works and how it can solve your GRC needs.

Maiky is available in two flavors

Free Version (Closed Beta)

Maiky is available in a free version. Are you a startup, scaleup, or looking to start implementing a new GRC program? Maiky can assist you in doing so. With our free version, you can start exploring the first steps with the comfort of knowing you are using a platform that is able to grow along with your program.


Full Maiky Platform

When you have outgrown the free version, the Maiky platform will be the best place for you. With an easy to use interface, strong features and flexibility you can tailor Maiky to serve your needs in your GRC program. Get in touch with our sales department for information and a demo.