image Who are we?

About Us

After working years as security professionals, it was time to build the GRC platform we always wanted to work with. As such, we assembled the Maiky team to build the Maiky platform with one mission; we want to change how compliance is being practised.


Our mission

We want to change how compliance is being practised

How do we plan to do that?

Are goal is to eliminate 80% of the manual entry work that teams do worldwide on a daily basis. We are leveraging automation and AI to get the data needed to feed Maiky and make sure you are able to use this data in an effective way.


Meet the founding team

Maiky was founded in 2019 to build the GRC product we had always been missing. To give Maiky the true potential, we included AI from the start, building a set of AI models that allow the platform to understand GRC related information fully and enable it to work with it. Don't forget to check out the blog to learn more about us, what we are working on and how we solve some of the most intriguing problems!